“My dream came true thanks to CHADET!’’


In collaboration with Save the Children, CHADET launched the project ‘Social, Practical and Economic Empowerment and Development of Youth’ (SPEEDY) in 2014. The project aims to reduce unemployment in rural areas in Ethiopia by providing skills and vocational training. Before the start of the project, CHADET identified the most important skills that would assist the youth in thriving for a better future, by contributing to their social, practical and economical wellbeing.

Most of the skills are related to the fields of agriculture and include animal husbandry and diary production, animal fattening, bee keeping, bakery, edible oil production, vegetable and fruit production and foot wear design. Furthermore, trainings in electronics maintenance were provided. The latter is the training in which Almaz participated.

I’m meeting Almaz in her village, surrounded by maize field and high teff plants. Local people pass by in traditional white blankets (gabis) on their way to church or fields, and cows graze under the supervision of their family’s herders. Traditional houses smell of burning frankincense when you pass, hinting at coffee ceremonies inside. Almaz greets me with a shy, but strong smile.


Her parents divorced when she was still a child. Soon after the separation, Almaz’ father remarried and started a new family. Almaz chose to live with her mom: “I preferred to live with my mom because I was her only child and she had no one to live with her. From this time afterwards, my mom and I suffered financially. Even eating once a day was becoming a struggle for us as my father took everything and left us empty handed.”

“I felt hopeless and tensioned thinking about how we are going to survive"

While looking at the ground, she says: “I felt hopeless and tensioned thinking about how we are going to survive. I lost all my courage and focus. Shortly after that I became sick due to depression and anxiety.”

Eventually, Almaz’ mother took her daughter to a monastery in the hope Almaz would get back her positive attitude for living life. After about a year, when she started to feel better, she decided to go back to her hometown and attempt to move on with her life. She asked for a loan to her father and uncle to open an electronics maintenance shop. Although her father was unwilling to provide her with money, her uncle was willing to help. Almaz opened her own electronic maintenance shop, but unfortunately she had to close it soon: her uncle’s cash was not enough to buy the necessary tools to carry out the maintenance work.

“It was in this state of confusion that CHADET came into my life. I was fortunate to be selected as a beneficiary of one of their projects. I was trained for two months on electronics maintenance at Mekane Eyesus TVET institute. Following the completion of my training, I received Basic Business Skill training and was provided with a start-up capital. This moment was a turning point in my life because it gave me hope and a reason to live again."

Apart from the electronics maintenance training, Almaz and other beneficiaries received an awareness creation workshop on the importance of saving for a better future.

CHADET did not only give me money, but also arranged things for me to get a shop near the bus station. After I received the start-up income, I bought the materials that I have been lacking to strengthen my business and this once again gave me the opportunity to strengthen and promote my business.”

“It is due to this fact that I said my dream has come true. Now I am in a position to support not only myself but also my mother. Thanks to the opportunity that I was given by CHADET.”


CHADET is an indigenous non-governmental organization that works to improve the lives of marginalized children in Ethiopia

by providing access to quality education and improving livelihood opportunities.