After CHADET has fully furnished its new training center with the necessary equipments,  the first round group of trainees 50 trainees , mostly constitute female youths who are involved in commercial sex work, received a 6 month vocational training on food Preparation, Child Care, Catering and Housekeeping. The training constitutes of both theoretical class with practical session, in which each trainee will later be assigned to businesses for cooperative training.

CAHDET conducted multi disciplinary trainings for CSW onLife skill, communication and counseling for all targeted recruited youths who are admitted to attend vocational trainings in CHADET’s center which is found in Addis Ababa.

According to the project coordinator, Elias Dejene, in the year 2013,as one part of theTransforming Vulnerable Youth and Girls Exposed to Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in Addis Ababa” project,25 group guidance and16 individual counseling activities were carried out at the training centre. The provision of such trainings would contribute in bringing attitudinal changes and development of high self-esteem among the targets of the project. Individual counseling would also be instrumental to treat each target to tackle their own problems by themselves.

The training was held in Debre Tabor, Kombolcha and Asela, which aimed at capacitating the CC facilitators’ and Community workers ability to handle, lead and direct the CC sessions for the better behavioral change outcomes. A total of 60 CC facilitators and 16 community workers (CW) participated in the training which came from 9 woredas of South Gonder, South Wollo zone and Arsi zone.

Since CHADET is implementing Girls Education Challenge (GEC) project for 14000 marginalized girls who are victims of early marriage, domestic labor, street involvement and risky migration, working to change attitudes through consecutive community conversations to increase the value attached to girls’ education believed to be effective means. Thus community Conversation has been designed and preparations are underway to start the Community Conversation aiming to change unwanted behaviors attached to girls’ education.

The two-day training was held at CHADET’s Head office for Project managers, project coordinators, communication officers and HR from Dec 26-27, 2013.

As an opening remark, Ato Anania Admasu addressed the participants on why communication is so important for CHADET and the active participation of the staffs is valuable to the communication strategy.

CHADET Provided 3321 Books of different kind to Debre Tabor University. The books were donated from Books for Africa, an international NGO working on those institutions that lack books for their students. In the handover ceremony South Gondar zone chief Administrator, vice Administrator and education office head, president of Debre Tabor University, CHADET’s  MD, senior management staffs and project staffs, Farta, Libokemkem and fogera woreda different office heads and representatives, 15 kebeles and schools representatives participated. 


CHADET is an indigenous non-governmental organization that works to improve the lives of marginalized children in Ethiopia

by providing access to quality education and improving livelihood opportunities.