Through the Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC), CHADET is supporting a million of the world’s poorest girls to improve their lives through quality education.

Risky Migration

Millions of children in Ethiopia are on the move or at risk of getting involved in risky movement. CHADET supports children on the move.
Self Help Groups

Self Help Groups

CHADET works towards improving the livelihoods of the parents of vulnerable children through various projects focused on economic strengthening.

OVC Care and Support

CHADET works with different stakeholders to help disadvantaged children out of poverty by providing care and support systems in their communities.


Many children in Ethiopia don’t have the opportunity to attend school, especially in the rural areas. One of the major barriers to access education is the burden of work. Whether at home or outside, it is customary for families to expect their children to work hard and support of their family. Some children, especially if they lack motivation from home, simply never get started with education. They may miss lessons, and do badly at school, and then miss more lessons out of lack of interest, and so it goes on. They very often end up dropping out of school completely.

Our Supporters


You can send your donation directly to our bank account through the following address:

Bank Address:
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia International Banking Division
A/C 01704-176432-00
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

For individual donations please fill out the PDF form and send us through our mail address.

Annual Report


CHADET is an indigenous non-governmental organization that works to improve the lives of marginalized children in Ethiopia

by providing access to quality education and improving livelihood opportunities.